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What is your first name, middle name, and last name? This question makes us a little confused. These are one of the fundamental things you must know while filling up an application form.

When you are applying for a passport, bank account or a job, you have to fill up these details.

Whenever you are filling out your names in an application form, make sure to write it identically every time. An application form with A minute change in the title, maybe rejected by the officials.

If your name is incorrect in your certificates, you have to correct the error later. That is time consuming and wasting of money. It is better to avoid it.

Every time you are filling up an application form make sure there are no errors.

First name

The first name is the first part of a person’s full name, and it is also known as the given name. That means the name given by your parents.
Example: Rajesh, Reshmi, John, Yusaf.

Middle Name

The middle name is the central part of a person’s full name. A middle name will be helpful to distinguish people with the same given name and surname. In the different cultures and regions of the world, the method of choosing a middle name is different.

Middle name in India indicates the father’s name. In some parts of the country, they do not use a middle name. They can leave it blank.

If you have a second name like Kumar, you may write it as a middle name.

In some places, they use fathers name as the last name.

Most important:
Whenever you are filling up an application for any purpose, make sure that your name is the same in all the applications.

Last name

The last name is the common name to all your family members, which usually inherited from your father. In other words, the last name is the part of a person’s full name, which indicates his family.

Within some culture, they use tribe or community name as the last name.

In some application forms, asks for the surname instead of the last name. Both the surname and the last name are the same thing. Surname is the last part of a person’s full name; that’s why it is also called the last name.

Usually, You can write your family name or house name in the field of the last name.

When a woman gets married, her last name changes to her husband’s last name. But it is not compulsory. She can keep her surname if she likes to do so.

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