Havells BLDC fan Review – Efficiencia Neo & Efficiencia

Havells Efficiencia Neo

Havells is a leading Indian electrical equipment manufacture company. They have a comprehensive product range of home and kitchen appliances. In ‘ceiling fans’ category their Havells BLDC fan (Model: Efficiencia Neo) is a five star rated energy efficient ceiling fan. They consume only 65% less power than standard ceiling fans.

As a result, You can reduce electricity expenses for fans up to 65 % by upgrading to a BLDC fan. Here are some calculations to show the profit of using Havells BLDC ceiling fans.

Havells BLDC fan (Efficiencia Neo) Comparison with Ordinary fan

Parameter & CriteriaHavells BLDC fan –
Efficiencia Neo
Ordinary Fans
Rated Wattage26 Watt*75 Watt
Energy Consumption
@ 12 hours/day*
.31 Kwh.9 Kwh
Total consumption of
9.3 Kwh27 Kwh
Cost of Electricity/Month
@ 7/-* per Kwh
65 rs189 rs
Cost of Electricity for Two Years1560 rs4536 rs

Total savings within two years 2976 rs

*Wattage may vary upto five percentage
*Calculated as per the average usage, and the cost per unit may vary depending upon the tariff and the state.

Havells BLDC ceiling fans come with a two-year guarantee. Within this guarantee period, you can save money approximately equal to the price of the fan.

Specifications of Havells Efficiencia Neo

Rated wattage 26 Watt
Number of blades3
Sweep size 1200 mm
Air delivery 220 m³/min
Revelution per minute 350
Colours available Elegant White, Brown, Ivory

Advantages of Havells BLDC Fan (Model: Efficiencia Neo)

Low power consumption

Havells BLDC ceiling fans consume 65 % less power than an ordinary 75 Watt ceiling fan.

Reduces electricity bill

Due to its low power consumption, Fan’s electricity bill also reduces to 35% compared to ordinary 75 Watt ceiling fan. Within two years, an average user can save an amount equal to the Fan’s price in the electricity bill.

Inverter friendly

Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Ceiling Fans rated wattage is 26 Watt, which is only one-third of an ordinary ceiling fan of the same capacity. So, it will run three times more time than an ordinary ceiling fan on an inverter.

Remote controller

These model fans are available with the remote controller and regulator controlled types. With the remote control, you can on, off, and also regulate the speed. So these models do not need a regulator. But, regulator controlled type fans need a capacitive regulator.

100 % pure copper wire motor

The motor used in Havells BLDC ceiling fans is 100 % pure copper wire coiled. Thus, it helps to minimise the power loss as well as improve the performance.

Double ball bearing

Double bearing supports both fan motor and shaft at two locations. Thus, it provides a perfect balancing and increases the life of the ceiling fan.

Safety wire

The twisted metal safety wire provided in the package gives extra protection for the ceiling fan.


Havells BLDC ceiling fans come with a two-year guarantee.

Disadvantages of Havells BLDC Fan

  • While comparing with Ordinary ceiling fans, the Havells BLDC fans’ price is a bit higher.
  • If your fan usage is very low, switching to BLDC fan is not much profitable.


Havells BLDC fan package contains all the parts needed for installation. There is a detailed installation instruction manual with pictures printed on the packaging box.

Package contains

  • Fan motor-1
  • Canopy set-1
  • Down rod-1
  • Shackle assembly-1
  • Safety wire-1
  • Fan blades-1 set (separate pack)

Power supply connection

You can see two connectors on the top of the fan motor. One of them is already connected between the fan winding and the electronic PCB. Connect the phase and neutral to the two points on the next connector. That’s all.

Customer satisfication

Higher star ratings at online stores like Amazon and Flipkart ( above 4*/5). That is, customers are greatly satisfied with the product.

Our experience with Havells BLDC ceiling fan

We have been using Havells Efficiency Neo Ceiling Fan for about six months. Our experience with this fan is very good. The fan’s first advantage is a silent operation – the second remote controller, which is beneficial for older people. A simple design but unique look matches our interiors. The best part is the reduction in electricity bill. Before we were using a 35-year-old rally fan and it was consuming high power. Therefore, ceiling fans which run overtime during the day can expect a good profit on the electricity bill if upgraded to a BLDC fan.


  • Low power consumption, Noiseless operation, and nice simple design are Havells BLDC fans’ key features.
  • While considering the pros and cons, switching to Havells BLDC fans would be wise, especially if you are using an ordinary fan.
  • Using a BLDC fan is very economical in places where the fan is used for a long time, such as the bedroom or living room.

Havells Efficiencia Ceiling Fan

Havells Efficiencia BLDC Ceiling Fan

Havels Efficiencia is another low power consumption ceiling fan from Havells. It is a bit more potent than the Efficiencia neo model and has a wattage rating of 32. These ceiling fans have an air delivery capacity of 225m³/minute, and the rated speed is 350 rpm.
This model has also used the BLDC technology-driven motor and has a sweep size of 1200mm.

Havells Efficiencia Specifications

Rated Wattage32 Watts
Number of Blades3
Sweep size 1200mm
Air delivery capacity225 m³/min
Rotation per minute350 rpm
Colours AvailablePearl white

Differences between Havells Efficiencia and Havells Effieiencia Neo

Havells Efficiencia is 6 Watts more power-consuming than Efficiencia Neo. So the air delivery capacity is also higher. Another difference in the Efficiencia model is the unique design of fan blades.

This model fan is suitable for places where the weather is scorching. Because of the high air delivery capacity, It cools down the room faster than the Efficiencia neo.

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