Passport Size Photo- Everything you wanted to know

The size of the passport photo is not the same in every country. Authorities issuing passports of each country indicate clear guidelines for the size of the passport photo.

Not only the dimensions but also there are differences in the background colour of a Passport photo depending upon the country.

According to the Indian Passport issuing authority, the size of a Passport photo is as follows

The size of a Passport size photograph is 4.5 cm in length and 3.5 cm width.

Passport size photo dimensions

The background colour of the Passport photo should be plain white, and the dress should be in a dark colour.

You can use a Passport size photograph for most of the official purposes in India.
Example: Driving license, bank account, etc

How to make a Passport size photo at home?

Here are some useful tips for taking a better Passport size photo yourself.

  • Capture the photos at the day time.
  • Capture the Photos inside the room with sufficient light from outside, but not in the direct sunlight.
  • Use a selfie stick or seek someone’s help to take the photo.
  • Choose a white background.
  • The camera position should be at your eye level.
  • Look straight at the camera lens without tilting your face.
  • Your expression must be neutral.
  • Capture three to four photos and choose the best one.
  • Convert it to the passport size, and you can do it with the help of adobe photoshop, or any other applications available at app stores.
  • If you have a good image printer, print it on a good quality paper. Otherwise, please take it to a photo colour lab to take print outs.

The fact is that photograph is not required while applying for a Passport through Passport Seva Kendra or Post Office Passport Seva Kendra. In the offices mentioned above, there are facilities available to capture a photograph.

Who has to carry Photographs with them to the Passport office

  1. A minor applicant who is less than four years old should carry the photographs with them.
  2. All applicants who have submitted applications to other collection centres. i.e., District Passport cell, Authorised Speed Post Center and other citizen service centres.

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