How to stop full-screen ads on android

Does your phone show full-screen ads? The same problem was with my phone also. After a lot of trials, I solved this problem. It took a lot of time to find out the solution, but it is so easy to solve. In this blog post, you will learn How to stop full-screen ads on an android phone.

Displaying ads is a source of income for online publishers and application developers.
These ads are coming through one of the applications installed on your phone.

  • The first option to stop showing ads is to buy or subscribe to those applications, which will cost you money.
  • The second option is to uninstall that application.

Showing ads in only a part of your mobile phone screen is tolerable. Some applications are interrupting the users by showing the full-screen ads. You have to close the ad to use the phone. Some times it is difficult to find out the ‘close button.’ By mistake, if we touch on the advertisement, opens a website or download an application.

Full-screen ads may appear at any time, no matter we are using that particular app or not. That’s why it is hard to find out which app is the culprit.

Stop full-screen ads with these simple steps.

  • Wait for the full-screen ad to appear.
  • Click on the recent apps button. You can see the latest apps window.
  • Now you can see the ad in the recent apps window. If you can’t see the ad in the window, swipe left or right until you notice the ad.
  • Right above the ad, you can see an application’s name. That application is the culprit, which was showing those full-screen ads.
  • Uninstall that application to stop the ads.
Recent apps key
Ad showing app

In my case, the culprit was the most useful and unavoidable application. I am still using it with ads.

These ads are coming from google ads. You can report this to google because these types of ads are interrupting the user. You can do this by clicking on the button on the ad.

A video tutorial – How to stop full screen ads on android phone

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