What is surname

The meaning of the surname is the family name. A surname is the typical portion of a full name for all your family members. Usually, it inherits from your father.

A surname is also known as the last name because it is the last part of a person’s full name.

When a woman gets married, her middle name becomes her husband’s name, and her last name becomes her husband’s last name.

In some Indian cultures, the surname indicates the name of the cast or community.

Whenever you have to fill the official application form, there will be a field to write your surname or last name.

Surname meaning

In different Indian languages, the meaning of the word surname is as follows.

Hindi upanaam (उपनाम)
Telugu intiperu (ఇంటిపేరు)
Tamil kutumpa (குடும்ப)
Malayalam Kudumbaperu(കുടുംബപ്പേര്)
Kannada upanama(ಉಪನಾಮ)

Whenever you are filling up application forms, make sure to write your name in the same format every time. Even Minute differences in the title need to be corrected, and it is time-consuming and a waste of money.

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