Wise Coconut Scraper-Effortless Scraping

We all miss the freshly grounded coconut recipes. The age-old traditional coconut scraper takes a long time and effort to scrape coconut. Nonetheless, it has now become effortless and quick to make coconut chutney. The Wise Coconut Scraper offers you the perfect remedy. The 100W motor gives powerful performance whenever you use it.

The Wise Coconut Scraper comes in a compact size and also very convenient to use. This kitchen appliance has buttons and knobs, which are again very simple to use. Plus, the appliance does not even produce much sound while in action. Instead, it offers an incredible performance rate.

Wise Coconut Scraper


  • Anti-tilt switch (for safety)
  • Suction knob (provides stability)
  • Dual speed
  • Press Switch (for safety)
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Blade holder
  • 1-year Warranty

Wise Coconut Scraper Features

This electrical coconut scraper machine helps you to forget those age-old difficult scraping experiences. The stylish design of the device and smooth functioning makes this a great buy.

More importantly, the machine is a true representation of safety meets style. It has an anti-tilt switch that can automatically switch when you place the machine properly on a flat and steady surface.

Also, unless you keep the machine on the flat surface properly, it will not start working. This kitchen appliance comes with a suction knob that helps to make the grip by developing a vacuum between the flat surface. This strong grip on the base ensures safety.


So, while using it, wipe off the flat surface where you plan to run the machine. Then clean the bottom of the wise coconut scraper and lock its suction knob carefully. Now take the blade holder and attach it to the electric machine by rotating.

For ensuring safety, plug in the power cord now and switch on the coconut scraper. It will save you from unfortunate accidents that often occur because of negligence. You can adjust the speed of the blade according to the requirement by pressing the same power button. Remember that you need to press the upper side of the power button or the lower side to achieve a higher or slower scraping speed.

Now comes the main part that is coconut scraping. You must hold half of the coconut on the blade with a hand and the other hand for pushing the press switch. If you forget to press the press switch, the blades will not rotate.

Continue the process until you get the quantity you want to have. Finally, you will acquire freshly grated coconut for your recipes.


After using the wise coconut scraper, do not leave it like that. Carefully remove the grated coconut and attach the blade holder to detach the blades from the machine. Keep the blades under running water and see how easily it removes all the surpluses. For the appliance, take a piece of cloth and wipe it dry.

The manufacturer of the Wise Coconut Scraper offers a year warranty on the motor. This electric easy to use coconut scraper is ideal for every domestic kitchen. Since this is a user-friendly machine, anybody can effortlessly use it for scraping coconut at home.


  • Eight high-quality food-grade stainless steel blades
  • Presence of anti-skid technology
  • Blade holder
  • A power button that serves a dual purpose


  • The blade teeth are comparatively small


To sum up, this Wise Coconut Scraper stands for effortless use and elegant design. So, you can make a smart choice by bringing home this compact kitchen wonder.

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